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Young workers: An “entitled” generation without entitlements

Every generation seems to think that those who come after are broken in some way: that they are disrespectful, lazy, or aimless. But such comments on young Canadians today are taking place in the context of a notable societal shift, where many workers expect to have lower standards of living than their parents.

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Why do discussions about carding ignore the experiences of women and trans people?

Indigenous women are the fastest-growing prison population in Canada. And a quarter of trans people, most of them people of colour, report having been harassed by police. Yet discussions about racial profiling, including the long-assailed police practice of carding, rarely mention the experiences of women or trans people.

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Canada’s unions call anti-pension Bill C-27 a betrayal

Canada’s unions are organizing against Bill C-27 – a new piece of federal legislation that enables Crown corporations and federal private sector employers to back out of defined benefit pension commitments. “This bill directly contradicts the government's election promise to improve retirement security,” says CLC President Hassan Yussuff.

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Why photographer Wolfgang Tillmans wasn't surprised by rise of Trump

Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has always made the connection between art and politics, and over the years he's become more and more political. Vice's Raf Katigbak talked to Tillmans about the political threads in his work, and his thoughts on U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

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The federal government has approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and the Enbridge Line 3 replacement. Which statement best reflects your view of this decision?