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The kids are all right, but they need your help

Millennials will be the first generation that will be worse off than their parents. They grew up with governments that prioritized capital over the environment, and introduced free trade deals that undermined the welfare state. Now, as young adults, they are suffering the consequences of those decisions.

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Canadians could soon be legally buying pot

A special task force convened by the Canadian government has recommended legalizing marijuana for anyone over 18. The task force says that citizens should be limited to four plants at home and 30 grams in public. It also believes there should be severe restrictions on pot advertising, matching the strict rules for tobacco promotion.

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Wage, job quality declining for young workers, Statscan says

A new study from Statistics Canada says young people have seen their job quality decline over the last four decades, even as the unemployment rate has remained virtually unchanged. The national statistics office says fewer young Canadians, who are not full-time students, are working in full-time jobs today than in 1976.

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Rhymefest turning Kanye West's childhood home into community arts incubator

Chicago rapper Rhymefest, who co-wrote Kanye West’s Grammy-winning song “Jesus Walks,” has purchased the house Kanye shared with his mother, Donda, as a kid. He’s planning on turning it into a “community arts incubator,” a space where local musicians can record tracks and hold concerts.

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