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Freeland’s trade agenda fails Canadian workers, says union

Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland needs to worry less about making it easier to sell Nova Scotia lobster in China and more about Chinese predatory trade practices threatening thousands of Canadian jobs, says the United Steelworkers Union (USW).

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Black women's bodies are more than your fantasies

“I’ve never been with a black girl before, but it’s something that I’d definitely like to experience. I know black girls are really good in bed and do things that other girls won’t.” “I’d never date her, but I think it would be awesome to have sex with a black girl.” These are just a some of the sexualized comments I’ve heard or that have been said to me in high school and college.

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13 things you need to know about the people trying to end Canadian health care as we know it

Should Canadians receive medical care based on ability to pay rather than need? That's what's looming on the horizon as right-wing activists have launched a constitutional challenge against Canada's health care system in the B.C. Supreme Court – and observers warn the outcome "could transform the Canadian health system."

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Meet the Dominatrix trying to take down Donald Trump

I walk into a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. It's Friday night, and I'm late because the parking lots around here only take cash, and obviously no one carries that anymore. But after a traversing the streets, desperately hunting for an ATM, I've finally made it, to the Dominatrices Against Donald Trump!

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Which statement best reflects your opinion of labour unions?